Friday, September 27, 2013

Still A Man Hears What he Wants To Hear And Disregards The Rest


If I follow the implications of your recent global warming post and the thread of your arguments generally, it's this. Those who argue that climate change is the result of human fossil fuel use are misguided at best and devious at worst. They're just wrong and we can/should ignore them. And even if they turn out to be right there isn't a damn thing we're should do about about it. Bad for the economy after all. So drill baby drill-the planet will do just fine.

As I've said before, I hope you're right, since that is surely what we as a species will do. We're not really constructed, evolutionarily speaking, to do anything else. The idea that a group of highly educated, ethically motivated, wise men and women should have anything useful to say about such a question is not going to be accepted by those of us who find their Cassandra like tidings inconvenient for the lives we lead. So don't even bother to engage them in a rational debate about the merits of their findings and the risk of inaction.  Discredit them. Attack their honesty  Threaten their professional careers and their well being.


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