Thursday, September 5, 2013

Can Congress Vote on Syria So we Can Re-fous on the NSA and IRS crimes?

Why does the US Government think I'm a terrorist? Why is it vacuuming up metadata on my phone calls and via the Prism program gaining access to data I save in the cloud, which by the way, includes the IP addresses of anyone looking at this or any other blog? I hope Congress votes soon on Syria so it can re-focus on the invasion of privacy perpetrated by the NSA.

And I still haven't forgotten about the IRS and its jihad against Tea Party groups.

From "Blog and Mablog," channeling Obama

I want Congress to authorize something I don’t believe they need to authorize, and which I reserve the right to do anyway whether or not they authorize it, in order that I might defend the credibility of a red line I didn’t actually draw, so that I may take decisive action that will not in any way affect the momentum of the Syrian civil war or, if it accidentally does, al-Qaeda will the stronger for it, in order that I might have a chance to do what I have spent a decade yelling about other people doing.


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