Sunday, March 3, 2013

World Doesn't End.


You may have noticed the world didn't end yesterday, Obama and his prognosticators (they must have been the same people who warned of the Mayan Calendar) have been predicting doom and gloom if the Federal government doesn't spend some $43 billion dollars this year. That's about, 1.0% of total Federal Spending, about 0.8% of total government (with state and local included) spending,  about 0.2% of the total economy and here's a fun fact, and less than one-third of the amount of cash Apple is sitting on.

Yet Cuba didn't invade Florida, Canada didn't take back the Oregon Territory, Alaska still belongs to the US, planes didn't fall out of the sky, (my flight yesterday was about 10 minutes late, which is on-time in FAA-land) and as best I can tell traffic lights are still working.

The only way this cut can be felt by more than a minuscule number of Americans, the ONLY way, is if there is an incompetent executive deliberately wanting to make it that way.

On that basis I shouldn't be so optimistic.


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