Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Obama outsources basketball


I saw this news summary from Politico.com and was shocked to see President Obama supporting outsourcing basketball.

It is clear from the story the US team was playing Brazil. This is an outrage. Why is the President outsourcing sports opponents to Brazil? Does he want us to believe there are no worthy US opponents? We need to protect our basketball from this ruthless outsourcing.


ABOUT LAST NIGHT: President and Mrs. Obama attended an exhibition game by the USA men's Olympic basketball team, vs. Brazil at the Verizon Center - pool reports by Elizabeth Traynor, sports editor of the George Washington University Hatchet, working with Chuck Lewis of the Houston Chronicle: "President Obama arrived ... wearing jeans, sneakers, white shirt, dark blue Under Armor zip up. He spoke to the Olympics-bound U.S. women's national team and posed for a group picture. The U.S. team had just defeated the Brazilian women's team earlier in the day. He greeted the team with, 'Work up a sweat, ladies?' ... The team gave him a red USA jersey with Number 1. ...

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