Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bain, Romney, Outsourcing (Oh yeah the recovery is still sluggish)


You have to admire how the Obama campaign was able to completely obscure more evidence of the sluggish recovery with the completely inane focus on whether or not Bain invested in companies that outsourced or offshored (much of the tweets undoubtedly done on Blackberry's, designed in Canada, built in Asia, or iPhones, built in China or Samsung's, HTC's, Nokia's. All foreign) and whether or not Romney was active in Bain post 1999.

Look, there's a squirrel! and the press is off trying to determine if Mitt was running Bain so they could answer the ridiculous question if Bain's portfolio companies invested in countries other than the US. We should encourage jingoism and xenophobia because it works so well for... Cuba? and North Korea? Golly.

But Romney deserves this. He's been running for President for 6 years and has had ample time to clean up his story and investments and he acts like a deer caught in the headlights. Did no one tell him, Mitt, this could be a problem?

So I grit my teeth and suffer through Rahm Emanuel telling me Obama saved the auto industry (GM and Chrysler is not the auto industry) and Romney would have let them go bankrupt (Obama put them into bankruptcy), and Romney is not necessarily a felon but I've heard someone say he might be.

But what about the economy?

Look! There's a squirrel!


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