Thursday, November 10, 2016

Clinton v Trump v Romney v Obama


I thought this was fascinating, from The Hill:

Even so, Clinton appears to have underperformed President Obama’s showing in 2012 by about 6 million votes. Those people did not go to Trump. He got roughly 1 million fewer votes than Romney, that year’s GOP nominee. For whatever reason, Democratic voters who backed Obama simply didn’t come out for Clinton — and it is cold comfort that she is set to defeat Trump by a small margin in the popular vote.
The Democrats, as a party, have been smoked since 2010. Lost the Senate, House, now the Presidency. GOP controls two-thirds of the governor-ships and state legislatures. That ain't gerrymandering.

I've expressed skepticism in the past about this demographic destiny argument for the Democrats, and I remain skeptical.

I'm dreading the buckets of ink being spilled on what went wrong for the Democrats. I would urge them to not ignore the obvious:
1) The People don't like the policies Democrats promote
2) The People don't like Hilary. She was a really untrustworthy, morally bankrupt candidate. So much so that she lost to Donald Trump an untrustworthy, morally bankrupt candidate.

Forget about white rage, or George Parker's WWC or racism or manufacturing employment or Citizen's United, or the Koch Bros. or Bernie's MILLIONAIRES and BILLIONAIRES or all the other Tourette's syndrome arguments the Left makes. Remember Occam's razor.


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