Sunday, October 16, 2016

De-legitimizing voting results.


Trump is now being rightly criticized for calling the elections rigged against him. All of the left-wing fainting couches are occupied at the sheer irresponsibility of Trump trying to de-legitimize the pending win of Clinton. And I agree, it is irresponsible. But not that unusual.

Andrew Jackson won the popular vote in 1824 versus John Q. Adams but lost the electoral college vote and spent the next four years screaming about a "corrupt bargain." The Democrats in the South were so troubled by the legitimacy of Lincoln's election they decided to start a civil war. Hayes v Tilden in 1876 was decided by fraudulent results in Florida (of course). Chester Arthur was accused of being born in Canada. (Proving that  birther movements aren't necessarily driven by racism).

And recently we have Democrats asserting for eight years George W. Bush was not the real President because the election was stolen by the Supreme Court.

My favorite however, is the NY Times in particular, which has spent, since the shellacking suffered by the Democrats in 2010 much ink on claiming the Republican control of the House is not legitimate because of gerrymandering.

Yes, I agree, Trump is a buffoon and a sore loser. So are others.


Trump reminds me of Jackson: Loud, ignorant, boorish, bigoted full of populist nonsense and economically illiterate.

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