Friday, May 13, 2016

Our State Is Too Blue


I couldn't agree more with your assessment of our august governor's performance. He appears to have little acumen or interest in helping to grow the state's economy. We are a highly educated, well placed workforce, yet our record compared to our equally blue neighbor to the north and its deeply popular Republican governor is miserable. Malloy's answer to to anemic growth and the resultant yawning gap between revenue and expenditure? Screw municipalities and squeeze hospitals. This is cynicism raised to an art form. The legislature and Malloy can claim they haven't raised taxes while the costs are passed down to cities and towns, many of which are ill equipped to replaced the lost revenue. Who will suffer the most? As usual, it's the poor whom the Governor claims to care so much about.

The state's revenue services commissioner admits that the top 5-7 tax payers an  generate an enormous share of Connecticut's revenue. As with any private citizen, they have the option to get up and move to Florida.

Get off your butt Governor. Get to work helping to build our economy. At least don't get in the way.


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