Sunday, January 31, 2016

How did we get here? Socialist, Felon or Bloviating Ignoramus.


How is it possible the Republicans are potentially nominating a demagogue who is more of a Democrat, one who is best described by George Will as a "bloviating ignoramus," and the Democrats nominating either a self-avowed socialist or a potential felon? How is this possible?

I think we are going to have the answer to the question of "Which party has deteriorated most?' on Monday night.

I'm going to stick with my prediction that the bloviating ignoramus will not win any caucuses or primaries and he comes in third, at best, in Iowa. I have no predictions for the Democrats in Iowa but stick with my prediction the felon will not be nominated. The socialist or the felon is not much of a choice. Good luck with that.

Is it really going to come to a choice between the socialist and the bloviating ignoramus? One thing I do believe strongly is the Democrats will regret their cheerleading for executive action and their complaints against gridlock. If the next president is a socialist or a bloviating ignoramus gridlock will be the best we can hope for.


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