Friday, November 13, 2015

The Bolivian View of Global Warming


Some of us deniers have an issue with models that are running too hot and also believe global warming of doom proponents are really aruging for the destruction of capitalism.

Thank you Bolivia:

Bolivia’s contribution bears into account that the new climate agreement must be developed over the basis of the vision of the peoples and social organizations, to be revealed in the conclusions of World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Defence of Life in October 2015, rejecting in turn the vision of empires and transnational corporations, paving the way for a solution to the climate crisis from another alternative to the current view.

The structural cause that has triggered the climate crisis is the failed capitalist system. The capitalist system promotes consumerism, warmongering and commercialism, causing the destruction of Mother Earth and humanity. The capitalist system is a system of death. Hence, capitalism is leading humanity towards a horizon of destruction that sentences nature and life itself to death. In this regard, for a lasting solution to the climate crisis we must destroy capitalism.
 Maybe the authors attended Mizzou, or Yale.


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  1. but why the assumption that capitalism isn't all those things? surely there's an argument to be made for it. it's not like capitalism was handed to us by G-d; it evolved in response to social and economic factors, and if we've come to a point where it's no longer viable, well, we don't want to find ourselves clinging desperately to it while the earth crumbles around us.