Friday, July 17, 2015

Why Do the Democrats Hate Uber?


What's not to love? Convenience, good service, lower prices. Here's the NY Times on Democratic Mayor of New York Bill DeBlasio:

And now, the administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio is moving to halt the runaway expansion, citing a classic urban scourge to make its case: The infusion of vehicles, the city says, appears to be clogging Manhattan traffic.With a City Council vote expected as early as next week on a proposal that would place a cap on Uber’s growth, pending a study of traffic patterns, the sides have become entangled in a protracted struggle, on camera and off, over the future of mobility in the city.
Most companies roll over and play dead when politicians start to play dirty. I like Uber because they don't. When they enter a market, they just do. Regualtions be damned.

Here's what you get when you pull up the Uber app in midtown Manhattan:

If you aren't familiar with Uber there are different service levels, which can be accessed on the bottom. 4 minutes to get an UberX, which is a car driven by someone looking to make a few bucks. 

Here's what you get for the DeBlasio option:

25 minutes is what Uber claims for a wait if DeBlasio gets his way to restrict competition, and protect the incumbent cab industry.

Linking to "See What Happens"  results in this screen.

Hilary Clinton  is (naturally) ambiguous about Uber and other "gig economy," or as most of us call it, "sharing economy," companies. 

As I've said to you a few times. When I hail a cab I expect a bad ride. But I've only had enjoyable rides with uber.


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