Sunday, April 12, 2015

Reusable Bags Linked to Junk Food


Another reason to keep using plastic bags. Plus I need to pick up after my dog.

From the Harvard Business Review:
Reusable Bags Make People Buy Organic—and Junk: An Interview with Uma Karmarkar
The research: Uma Karmarkar, an assistant professor of marketing at Harvard Business School, and her research partner Bryan Bollinger, of Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, studied the grocery bills of thousands of California shoppers. Because the receipts noted small discounts given to people who had provided their own reusable bags, it was possible to study whether their purchases differed from those of other shoppers. Comparisons showed that people who brought their own bags were more likely to buy organic goods—but were also more likely to load up on high-fat, high-calorie junk.


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