Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hillary For President!

I don't dislike Hillary. She's a dying breed on the Left:  A Moderate Democrat. But, she is a member of the party that inflicted Obamacare on the country and still defends that mistake. It will take special circumstances for me to vote for her.

A Hillary presidency may not be a bad thing, if she governs like her husband did from 1994 onwards. I think Bill was one of the greatest Republican President's of the 20th century, after, that is, the Republicans took over the House. From that time on he embraced free markets, de-regulation, a stable dollar, and fiscal rectitude. He governed successfully by being everything the current Democratic Party loathes, which is why I'm bemused by his current status in the party.

We will see if Hillary is pulled to the Left by the extremists that control the Democrats or if their fever breaks and she can run from the middle. If that occurs, she may win. And I may vote for her.

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