Monday, November 4, 2013

Did Diane Feinstein Really Say "You can keep you plan" only applied until ACA was passed?

The answer Senator Feinstein gave to Bob Schieffer's question, on Sunday's Face the Nation,  about keeping your plan was that it applied only until the ACA was passed. Let's give her the benefit of the doubt that she was really answering some other question. But what question was she answering?

More and more people are discovering that losing your health plan is a FEATURE of the ACA, not a bug.

SCHIEFFER: The president said in the beginning that one thing was that if you like the health care program you had you could keep it. We now know there was debate within the administration before he said that as to whether that was actually a promise that could be kept. Should the president not have made that statement?
FEINSTEIN: Well, as I understand it you can keep it up to the time -- and I hope this is correct, but this is what I've been told -- up to the time the bill was enacted, then after that it's a different story. I think that part of it, if true, was never made clear. It is really very unclear right now exactly what the situation is. And, yes, that's a problem. But I think it has to be said, this is a very large major priority. And if it can get up and running, it can be, I think, a very positive thing. The big problem here is there are so many destroyers -- in the House, in the public, in the private health care sector that just want to destroy. That's not helpful.


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