Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Descent Into Mediocity


Meanwhile, I face the prospect of the 1st summer in many years without meaningful baseball

American League  East W L Pct
Baltimore Orioles       19 11  .633 
Tampa Bay Rays       19 11  .633
New York Yankees  16 13  .552 
Toronto Blue Jays     16 14 .533 
Boston Red Sox        12 17 .414

In retrospect the hideous September collapse of the once proud and resilient Boston 9 was not an aberration, but a harbinger of the reality to come. The current group, and more critically, the leadershop that constructed them, violates evey principle necessary for competitive success. They forgot what got them here; integrity, hard work, innovation, demand for value, and most vitally, accepting the the inevitablity of change. Hmmn, that sounds like another former champion now on the hot seat


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